Dear Zoo Continued

It’s Imitation Week down in Nursery so the children have been learning to retell Dear Zoo.

To help them remember the story, they have created their own story maps. How fantastic!


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Dear Zoo in Nursery

This term, Nursery are learning the classic story ‘Dear Zoo’.

If you are enjoying the story, and want to take part in more activities, then click here.

Look at the wonderful story map Nursery are using to learn to retell the story…


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Riddles in Reception

Reception have been learning all about riddle poetry.

First, the children had to guess what a riddle called ‘What am I?’ was about. They discovered, by thinking carefully about the descriptive language, that the riddle was about chicks.

After that, the children talked about the rules for writing their own ‘What am I?’ riddles by looking at the example. Here are some of the riddles the children wrote.

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Bernard Young Launches Poetry Week

It’s Poetry Week at Robin Hood this week. To start the week, a published poet, Bernard Young,  visited our school to work with Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Bernard performed his own poems including ‘Traffic Jam’ and then worked with every class to collect ideas for their own poems. Each class also has their very own signed book of all of Bernard’s poems.

If you would like to read more of Bernard’s poems click here.


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The Fluffy Chick Continued…

Now that Nursery know the story of The Fluffy Chick, they have started to story map it together.

Look at how well they know this story!

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The Fluffy Chick

With spring fast approaching, Nursery having been learning to retell the story of the Fluffy Chick. The author, Rod Campbell, also wrote Dear Zoo.

What a stunning story map!


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World Book Day at Robin Hood

We had a very wonderful World Book Day on Thursday 1st March.

Throughout the day, every class took part in lots of fun activities to celebrate this worldwide event.

Both children and staff came to school dressed as their favourite book characters, and their costumes were out of this world! It was so tricky choosing the ‘Best Costume’ winners. The winners of the ‘Best Costume’ each one a book, including classics like The Railway Children.

Nursery and Reception had Mrs Arabella the Storyteller visit them and they learned all about the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.

IMG_5003 (1) image (1).jpeg

As part of our Global Learning work, each class started the day sharing a book based on a Global Learning theme. From this, the class explored each theme through drama, art and writing tasks.

At lunchtime, the Librarians ran a Reading Cafe in the Library and invited children from Key Stage 2 to listen to stories being read aloud.

They also made ‘Books in Boxes’, boxes based on either the Global Learning book or a favourite novel. Each box included quotes from the book, objects and pictures associated with the book and opinions of events in the stories.

Finally, each teacher and class took part in the ‘Share a Story’ event, where they swapped classes and shared one of their favourite stories or poems. What an incredible day we had!


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