The Indian in the Cupboard- Y4 extract


The Indian in the Cupboard

Chapter 1: Birthday Presents


Omri appreciated Patrick’s birthday present to him. He was grateful, as it was very kind of him. The only problem was that it was a secondhand plastic Red Indian. He had loads of small plastic figures and was getting a little bored with them.

“Do you really like him?” asked Patrick.

“Yes, he’s fantastic,” he replied enthusiastically. “I haven’t got an Indian.”

“I know.”

Gillion, Omri’s older brother, then gave his present. It was a box shape, wrapped carefully in brown paper.

“I found it in the alley.”

Inside was a small white metal cupboard with a mirror door, a bit like the sort you see in bathrooms. You might suppose that Omri would once again be disappointed, but oddly enough he was very pleased with it. He loved cupboards of any sort.

“I do wish it locked,” said Omri. His mother gave him a bag of old keys and strangely enough the oldest, most intricate key in the bag was the one which fit the lock.

He decided he would put the red Indian figure in the cupboard and then lock it with the key. He placed it carefully beside his bed.


Chapter 2: The Red Indian


In the morning there was no doubt about it. The noise actually woke him. A pattering, a tapping, a scabbling and a high pitched noise like a tiny voice. It was coming from the cupboard!


He turned the key slowly and peered inside the cupboard. The Indian was alive! His bare, bronze shoulders rose and fell. The single feather sticking out of the back of his headband quivered. His eyes were black, fierce and frightened, then the Indian gave a fantastic leap. His black pigtail flew into the air, as he raised his knife above his head. With a shrill shriek, he stabbed and pierced Omri’s finger. Omri stuck his finger in his mouth, to stop the flow of blood. The little Indian was magnificent!


“I won’t hurt you. Can you speak English?”

“I speak,” he grunted.

“Were you always small?”

“I no small! You, big!” the Indian shouted angrily.

Suddenly, Omri heard a noise, it was his mother calling him to get ready for school.

“Go in there and please be quiet.” requested Omri as he locked the cupboard with the key.


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