Peter Pan- Y2 extract

One evening, Mr. and Mrs. Darling went to a party. They left Wendy and her younger brothers John and Michael with Nana their trusted St.Bernard dog.

As soon as they left, the nursery windows flew open and in came Peter Pan. “I’ll take you to Neverland with me and you can tell stories to the lost boys every night,” said Peter and off they went.


They flew high above the rooftops, towards the second star to the right and way beyond. As they looked down, they saw Mermaid Lagoon, the Indian camp and Captain Hook’s pirate ship. Captain Hook was the leader of the pirates. He was a mean man, with an enormous hat, black hair and a terrifying steel hook.


Suddenly, he spied Peter Pan and fired his cannon. Peter ordered Tinkerbell to take Wendy and the boys to the island. Some time later, Captain Hook tricked Tinkerbell into telling him where Peter Pan was hiding. Gleefully, the pirates set out through the forest, found the entrance in the hollow tree and captured Wendy and the lost boys.


They tied them up and forced Wendy to walk the plank. Everyone listened for the splash, but to their amazement, no sound was heard. Peter Pan caught her in his arms, carried her to the deck and fought Captain Hook. Swords slashed and daggers sliced.


Eventually, Peter Pan won and fed Captain Hook to the waiting crocodile. Snap! As Captain Hook disappeared into the distance, Tinkerbell sprinkled dust over the pirate ship. Magically, they flew Wendy safely home to London then set sail for another adventure.


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