Hansel and Gretel- Y1

Hansel and Gretel



Once upon a time, there was a boy called Hansel and a girl called Gretel. They lived with their kind father and nasty stepmother in the woods. They had no money so the nasty stepmother had a plan to get rid of the children by losing them in the deep, dark woods. Hansel heard the evil stepmother’s plan! Early the next morning their father took them for a walk into the deep dark woods.  Hansel had secretly filled a bag with stones and dropped a white stone as they walked, until they reached the deepest part of the woods. Their father left them but the moon reflected upon the white stones and led a brilliant pathway back to their home. Their father was happy to see them again, but their stepmother was very angry! Next, their evil stepmother led them into the deep dark wood, all alone with no stones to guide them so they were lost!



Suddenly  Hansel and Gretel spotted an amazing house that was made of delicious gingerbread. It was decorated in sweet smelling icing sugar sweets and candy . It looked delicious to the starving children! An old woman welcomed them inside but the old woman was really a wicked witch! The minute they were inside, she locked Hansel in a cage and told Gretel to clean the house. The wicked witch fed Hansel lots of food so she could fatten him up and cook him in her gigantic hot oven.



One stormy day Gretel tricked the old woman.  She asked her how to climb into an oven that was so big. The old woman became very frustrated and climbed in herself to shoe Gretel. Suddenly Gretel locked the oven door and released her brother from the horrible cage. They quickly ran from the gingerbread house through the deep dark wood all the way back home. Their poor father hugged them dearly and told them that their evil stepmother had gone. They all lived happily ever after. The End



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