Grammar Part 1 Revision

Word classes
• Nouns name things, ideas or people. They can be concrete, common,
proper, abstract or collective.
e.g. cat, Derek, castle, love, fact, flock, fleet.
• Adjectives describe nouns. They can be absolute, comparative or
e.g. red cat; handsome Derek; bleak, intimidating castle; undying love; interesting fact
• Verbs are doing or being words. They can behave in a range of ways.
e.g. kick, is, feel, seem
• Adverbs describe how, where, and when things happen. They ‘describe’
e.g. peacefully, carefully, outside, by the car, tomorrow, today
More word classes
• Pronouns are used in place of nouns.
e.g. Jack tried to carry Jack’s bag but Jack’s bag was too heavy for Jack.
Jack tried to carry his bag but it was too heavy for him.
• Prepositions are words (sometimes a group of words) that show the
relationship between two parts of a sentence e.g. where, when, who.
e.g. The old man waited at the bus stop by the post office.
The match was pretty much all over after 10 minutes.
The lion was killed by the hunter
• Conjunctions link together phrases, clauses or ideas in a sentence.
e.g. They went to the beach however it was too cold.
The children played while the bread was baking.
• Determiners are words which occur before nouns to show whether they are
plural, singular, definite etc.
e.g. the, a, these, our, both, each, every


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