How to look after a dragon

How to look after a pet dragon:

Have you ever wanted to keep a unique pet? If so, purchase a dragon from the local hatchery. You will never be bored.

However – a pet dragon is not easy to care for and you will need to follow these instructions. If not, you may find that your baby dragon becomes a fiery nuisance!

What you need:

A dragon whistle, a collar, plenty of food and a dragon’s den.

What you do:

• Your pet dragon will roam freely. However, if you use a dragon whistle then it will come whenever you call. Dragons have very good hearing, so even if your pet has flown into a distant valley, it will hear your whistle and fly to you.
• If you need to make sure that your dragon stays near you then a good collar is a necessity. Even young dragons can be very strong, so the collar should be made of the finest dwarf metal. A collar will be essential if you intend to put your dragon in for a ‘Best Baby Dragon’ competition.
• Dragon mealtimes can be scary so follow theseinstructions to the letter or you may be scorched! First, collect dragon food such as mice, rats and the bodies of other lesser creatures. Next, lay the dragon feast on a flat rock. After that, provide a bucket of water as dragons always like to drink after eating. Finally, retire to a safe distance before letting your pet out for its dinner. Remember that a hungry dragon may well mistake you for its next meal so a simple disguise is essential…
• Keep your pet lodged in a simple dragon’s den. These have to be custom-made and can be purchased at your local ‘Dragons R Us’ store. They should be made of fireproof material. At first you may keep a very young dragon in the house, but as it grows larger, you will have to find an outdoor spot as a sleeping dragon will snore loudly. They have also been known to cause house fires accidentally.

A final note of warning:

Dragons are not just for birthdays. They are for a lifetime. As your pet matures, it will be able to communicate with you telepathically. It will protect you from danger and, of course, a trained dragon will allow its owner to ride on it as it flies. Many owners treat their dragons by polishing their scales with the juice of sun flames and feed them titbits such as cloud berries.

One final word of caution. Dragons cannot help hoarding. It will always be their instinct to collect and hide anything bright, shiny or valuable. This means that you must hide away anything that glitters.


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