Level 6 Reading top tips

Things to remember in reading SATs

1. Use the 10 minutes reading time wisely.

Ask yourself the following:-

  • What type of text/genre is this?

  • What is it about? If it is not clear on the first read DO NOT WORRY!

  • Who is the author? What is their tone? Do you know when it was written? [1st/3rd person- serious, satirical, sombre, happy]

  • Who is the audience?

  • How is it set out or structured? [ pictures/diagrams/paragraphs/ long-short sentences/colours/ titles/subtitles etc, bold words.]

  • What language devices are being used? [metaphors, similes, alliteration, repetition, foreshadowing, figurative language, pathetic fallacy, onomatopoeia, technical, power of 3 for persuasion etc.]

    2. Highlight or underline useful information, facts, interesting words etc. as you go along so you can find information easily.

  • If you need to make notes at the side- do it.

  • Answer Booklet

    Make sure you are looking at the right page in the booklet to answer the questions – read the bit they are talking about again, to refresh your memory and to make it clearer what they are talking about!

  • Decide what type of question it is – a find and copy, your opinion or an explanation. If it asks you to find evidence or explain it is a PEE question.

  • Remember the booklet goes easy questions, harder questions and BACK to easier questions so don’t give up if you can’t do a question.

  • Look at the amount of marks that are on offer – 2 and 3 mark questions will need you to explain your answers fully AND use DIFFERENT reasons or examples –

  • 3 mark questions normally need more than 1 point.

  • Don’t repeat the same thing but in different words!

  • If you have time, go back to the higher mark questions and check them – add more, change things and decide if you have been clear enough with your answers.

  • Remember – explain everything clearly, even if you think it is obvious.

  • Don’t use phrases that are too general like ‘they are all powerful words’. You need to be more specific – why that word or phrase in particular? How does that phrase make the reader feel? WHY IS IT EFFECTIVE?

  • If it says use the text to help you, you will need to say something about the text AS WELL as giving an opinion of your own.

  • If you can’t do a question – move on. No one will be able to tell you to move on – you have to decide it for yourself.

You only have 50 minutes, so you need to work FAST!!!

Good luck – you have all worked so hard and I think you are all fantastic!

Just do your best. See you on Monday.



Class teacher at Robin Hood School. Literacy Coordinator

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