Year 2: The goddess who cast the bell

According to legend, an official named Deng, in creating the bronze replacement bell – and being fully apprised of the expectations that were riding on this new bell – tried repeatedly to produce a bell with a clear, resonating sound, but to no avail. In the meantime, the date for delivery of the new bell was approaching. On the eve of the final casting, Deng’s daughter, fearing a failure that would bring shame on the family and especially on her father, decided to sacrifice her life in an effort to move the gods to bring about a perfect casting; the girl therefore threw herself into the molten bronze.

Needless to say, the sacrifice worked, for the resulting bell rang with an unparallelled clarity and with a force that could only have been blessed by the gods. The legend goes on to say that the father, seeing his daughter jumping into the vat of molten bronze, reached out to save her, only catching the girl by the foot, but her embroidered slipper slipped off her foot and she disappeared into the molten bronze below, leaving her traumatized father holding only the slipper.


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