How to achieve Level 6 writing

Level 6 Writing ranges from 6c, which is the lowest, up to 6a.
In Level 6, proofreading and attention to detail are key.

What are teachers looking for?

– Very accurate punctuation for things like apostrophes. Work also includes more complex punctuation, e.g. colons, semi-colons and speech punctuation used correctly, dashes (-) or (- -) and ellipsis (…) and no crazy use of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!

– Complex and accurate vocabulary
– Complex sentence structure: word order for effect
– Long AND short sentences and paragraphs

– Complex connectives (not just ‘and’, ‘because’, ‘also’, ‘then’)

– Special techniques like rhetorical questions, lists, similes, metaphors and personification

– A strong mood is created through sensory language, skilfully building up tension

– A strong awareness of the reader and genre.
The level 6 writer will be able to demonstrate the ability to take on another voice or viewpoint and sustain it throughout a piece of writing. They will have a strong sense of audience and demonstrate their awareness of genre through choice of appropriate styles and structures for different purposes. They will be confident and controlled in their writing, with punctuation aiding clarity; their texts are cohesive in their shape and structure. KS2 level 6 writers may be ambitious in their vocabulary and attempts to achieve particular effects or styles – even if this is not always successful. They will often play with ideas, characters, genres and voice. They will be able to conjure up places and people distinct from their own circumstance and convey these convincingly and succinctly. They use figurative language to increase the impact of their writing and take pleasure in using words well and accurately. They demonstrate enthusiasm and independence in their writing, which is evidenced in the interest and involvement of the reader.


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