In order to trap the dragon, a hero or heroine will be required. Scan local newspapers and magazines to find and raid useful persuasive phrases to advertise for such a character. List these on the wall. Children might prepare a TV advert lasting 30 seconds. Hold a session where each advert is heard and the best identified as part of a marketing programme. To move into writing, look at several models that can be used as a basis for the children writing and designing their own adverts. Use shared and guided writing to ensure the adverts develop
Dragon descriptions and poems
A simple way to tackle the description would be by writing a descriptive line for different parts of the dragon, e.g. eyes, tail, teeth, jaws, talons, wings, etc.
from its fetid lair,
the dragon’s soulless eyes glare,
glittering like dark diamonds.

Its thorny tail sways.
Grazing the ground,
Metallic scales creak.

Dawning, the dragon bares
its yellowed tusks;
rows of jagged teeth,
ready to crunch and munch.
Curved claws curve flesh.
Bones lie scattered,
The deadliest of vice.

like gigantic sails,
clatter in the icy wind.

The dragon’s scales catch
the sun’s cold rays
in a shimmer of frost.

it casts the lost shadows of grief,
the wind caught in its red teeth.
Pie Corbett


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Head teacher at Robin Hood Academy
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