Super sentences

What great sentences! Guess who wrote this?:-
“With her melancholy brown eyes full of tears, the lonely girl watched the others playing happily in the playground.”


About class03

Head teacher at Robin Hood Academy
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6 Responses to Super sentences

  1. zara says:

    Well done Mr Smith and all of the other children 🙂

  2. lakshita says:

    Its funny that mr smith took part in the comptiton but i an proud of the other people who won

  3. adham says:

    good work everyone

  4. anand says:

    that’s cool i think i won once

  5. Well done Mr Smith i didn’t know you took part and a very well done to other students who won the writting compitision 😀 😛

  6. IKLHAS ISHFAQ 3DJ says:

    good work

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