Tardis- is something happening?

Something seems to be happening to the Tardis.
Approach it with caution!


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Head teacher at Robin Hood Academy
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21 Responses to Tardis- is something happening?

  1. Mrs Walker says:

    I think the Tardis is on fire, please call the Fire Service and get the firemen in!

  2. marjan says:

    it is a shock that the Tardis appeared all of a sudden at robin hood school!

  3. ilsa says:

    It looks like its going to blow

  4. Mikail Aziz 3DG says:

    Wow the lavender blue tardis is rEAL

  5. hannah says:

    wow! Now is’t breathing fire out. How cool!

  6. hudhayfa says:

    I think someone sabotaged it

  7. hudhayfa says:

    It was hilarious

  8. IKLHAS ISHFAQ 3DJ says:

    ma-by it goner move i might go to a different school

  9. eimaan says:

    i have no idea what is happening it looks very scary and i wonder what is going to happen next.
    i hope he wont destroy robin hood primary school,its a mystery…..

  10. Mikail Aziz 3DG says:

    WOW OMG the smoke was coming out but,i could not smell any burning.Maybe the police box was doing what it supposed to do!

  11. izobel says:

    i think the Tardis is about to change in the inside because it regenerates like the dr.

  12. lakshita says:

    Maby the Tardis is going to explode or it is trying to move to Dr.Who or trying to find him and see how he looks like now.

  13. Aksah says:

    I think the TARDIS was a great idea because it gives us lots to write about.

  14. Zalaanda says:

    I thought smoke was coming out because it was on fire !!!!! 🙂

  15. NATHAN says:

    i think smoke was coming out because there was a mini fire.

  16. max says:

    OMG I have know clue what is happening there is smoke every were

  17. aayush says:

    omg i have know idea what is going on it might go on FIRE

  18. zara says:

    When the smoke came out i thought that the tardis was about to go some where because maybe Dr who found the tardis.

  19. aleena says:

    maybe some one had a s egret and was on fire

  20. alisha says:

    The Tggfgdhdardis is smoking because something inside is going to move it to another place.

  21. Raees says:

    This was so peculiar.

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