Tardis- is something happening?

Something seems to be happening to the Tardis.
Approach it with caution!



Class teacher at Robin Hood School. Literacy Coordinator

21 thoughts on “Tardis- is something happening?

  1. i have no idea what is happening it looks very scary and i wonder what is going to happen next.
    i hope he wont destroy robin hood primary school,its a mystery…..

  2. WOW OMG the smoke was coming out but,i could not smell any burning.Maybe the police box was doing what it supposed to do!

  3. Maby the Tardis is going to explode or it is trying to move to Dr.Who or trying to find him and see how he looks like now.

  4. When the smoke came out i thought that the tardis was about to go some where because maybe Dr who found the tardis.

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