Film Club

In film club we are watching Monsters Inc. thought I’d share this short film with you as a taster for this great animation.

Monster Inc. has got to be a Pixar classic.


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33 Responses to Film Club

  1. Mrs Walker says:

    3JH thought the short clip was very funny. We ALL liked the part when both characters were stuck inside the car and Mike kept pressing the wrong button.

  2. ilsa says:


  3. hannah says:

    wow! That was really funny!

  4. Rohan says:

    I REALLY! enjoyed the clip.

  5. owen says:

    it was funny

  6. saima says:

    It was SO funny!!!!!!!!!!!! I especially liked it when Mike fell inside the bonnet. FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Charlie says:

    I wish I had that seat that Mike had because all you do is press some buttons and you can move yourself side to side and back and forwards plus you don’t even have to move.

  8. ellie says:

    I think that that small clip was hillarious which means very funny.The whole 3JH class whatched it and they also thought it was hillarious two.I liked the part when Mike and the other Monster inc character was in the car and they were pressing the buttons.I also liked the part when one of the characters where to big to fit in the car so Mike said “The seat is ajustable and it was goi8ng higher and lower.”

  9. Saadiqah says:

    That is hallarias and chaos

  10. Adib says:

    I though it was hilarious especially when Mike was stuck in the bonnet and pressing buttons.

  11. eimaan says:

    it was extremely funny because mike kept pressing all the buttons and they were going up and down

  12. Aksah says:

    I like the part when they got trapped in the made me laugh.

  13. lakshita says:

    I found the film really funny cause the big monster kept on pressing all the buttons and mike kept on pressing all the buttons.

  14. aayush says:

    i really liked the film because i liked the bit when he got stuck in the Bonit

  15. izobel says:

    i think that it is a really funny film becouse when mike was pressing all the buttons funny things happened.ha

  16. IKLHAS ISHFAQ 3DJ says:

    i like it because the were pressing loads of buttonsi want to join film club

  17. Zara says:

    I liked the part when Mike was pressing all of the butttons and then the other person got hurt.

  18. Samra 3DG says:

    i liked this cartoon film because it made me laugh when they were trapped in the car together.

  19. Zara says:

    I loved th part when the car went all crazy.

  20. aleena says:

    i like when the part when he press every button and the alien goes the front bit

  21. max says:

    I love monsters ink I thought it was great.

  22. Jessica says:

    I enjoys the film because the part I liked was the part when the monsters was playing with the buttons

  23. NATHAN says:

    i like the film because when they were in the car and the radio went on they kept on hitting the window.

  24. remmie says:

    the film was brilliant i liked the part when he got stuck in the engine.

  25. hissan says:

    I think it is so funny because when mike was pressing random button’s

  26. victoria says:

    i liked the bit when he put the site up and n and then the other one got stuck in the motor engine and jumping up and down and saying get out of my car his car got broken he he said miss my own car

  27. naeemah says:

    Monsters Inc. is really funny, because a monster got stuck out of his own car

  28. Mikail Aziz 3DG says:

    I Like the part when the monster was hurting the inc.LOL

  29. aleena says:

    i like when the part when he press every button the alien goes in the Burton

  30. Mikail Aziz 3DG says:

    this was awsome

  31. nashil says:

    The film was grate i liked the part when mike said press the button.

  32. ubayd says:

    I enjoyed it because mike Capet on getting hurt

  33. marjan says:

    i liked the animation because it was funny when they were in the car and they pressed ordinary buttons

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