Monster Poems from Paul Cookson Workshop

My Monster Poem

Six yellow pointy jaws

Biting, killing, ripping, breaking.


Eleven black, scaly wings

Flying, flapping, twisting, turning.


One hundred red bloodshot eyes

Popping, growing, spreading, rolling.

By Farah


My Monster Poem

Two red shark wings

Flapping, flying, moving, rotating.

Twelve yellow, scaly claws

Ripping, killing, scratching, breaking.

One thousand blood-stained veins

Popping, growing, glowing, speeding.

By Bhagat


My Monster Poems

Nine black evil eyes

Staring, glaring, glancing, WATCHING!

Seventeen red spiky claws

Ripping, killing, scratching, TEARING!

By Layla


My Monster Poem

Nine red bloodshot eyes

Staring, twisting, moving, glaring.

Twenty- four black bony talons

Breaking, pulling, kicking, scratching.

One hundred green slimy veins

Popping, shinning, glowing, turning.

By Conor



My Monster Poem

Seven black wet stomachs

Wiggling, wobbling, grumbling, growling.

Nineteen blue dagger-like horns

Stabbing, scratching, poking, prodding.

Five thousand red twisted hearts

Bleeding, bursting, pumping, pounding.


Bleeding, pounding stomachs.

Scratching, bursting horns.

Pumping, wobbling hearts.

By Aleeza



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